Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still here......

Well, I have been extremely busy..... very bad blogger, I know..... Please forgive me?
We have had a lot of plan changes over the last few mounths, but we will still be sailing later in this year! We are hard at work to get the other yacht into ship-shape condition...... So that is the main reason for me not blogging everyday.
We are still very much alive and kicking, hard busy home-schooling and going to-and-fro between land-home and water-home!
Houtbay is our main base at the moment with us only touching ground briefly at home for me to do the washing and so on..... The weather is fast changing and we can really feel it on the water. The mornings are nippy and the evenings are also getting cooler!
I will try and make another blog-writing later in this week....... So, until then.... enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I am so behind on blogging........ We have beem extremely busy the last 2 months.... But here are a few collages of some of the things we have done! Here we are having some fun in Houtbay....
Tasting oysters at Panama Jack's in the Cape Town harbour.......
Nice food at the Lookout Deck in Houtbay.....
Still Panama Jack's......... and still more food!!!! We had a wonderfull time with all of our friends during the holiday season!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Times are short!!!!!

This is our home away from home. She will be carrying us over vast amounts of open and unspoiled waters! We are busy with all the last pieces of work and then the big stock-up will take place! She is very sturdy and safe and I have been in realy wild waters, winds and swells with her........
She has got (almost) all of the equipment that we need, both safety and everyday use. We don't need Eskom, Telkom or the Munisipality when we are there! The worst is coming back from a week of working and living on the boat, to a house that has either no electricity or water.......
This is what really calm waters look like..... This was taken on the 2cnd of Jan 2010 at just after 5 in themorning... Blissfull I tell ya! But........ do not be fooled!
This was taken on the 8th of Jan 2010, and you can't see the half of how the waters actually looked. You cannot capture the swells or the motion on pics........
BUT..... I am safe on her..... And I totally trust in my dear husbands ability to keep us safe and unharmed by the huge big ocean out there..... I will keep you guys up to date as the departure date is slowly but surely kreeping up on us! It is a huge step in our lives and I don't know if all will go according to plan, but it is a lifestyle change that we really want to embrace! So....... Until later gals!!!!!!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday pics!

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Yup, this post is vert long overdue!!!!! I am very sorry..... Things are a little hectic at the moment! It was my birthday on the 9th of October and I had a little get-together on the 7th. It was a very cold day compared to the day before (27degrees)! I invited a couple of my friends that I like and like spending time with! I had it at the RCYC as that is were our yacht is. We all had heaps of fun and lots of laughter!!!! There were talks of Brazillian blow-dries and that's as far I will venture on everything that was said!!!!! I got lots of awesome pressies and I just want to thank ALL of you that was there!!!! Mel we realy missed you, you would have had loads of fun!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paternoster continued.....

This was taken the Saturday evening at dinner time. Complete with with the Sundowner/ Cocktail of the evening!
The little seaside house.....
About everyone taking pics just before taking one group photo on the stairs.
Ria..... You are an awesome person and we all enjoyed the weekend to the fullest!!!!!
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Paternoster Convention wth Ria of The Scraphouse @ Culemborg

It was a excellant weekend!!!!! We had loveley weather driving up on the Friday! We had the most awesome little house that was very close to the sea!
The notice on the outside of the Hotel, for all to see what we doing.
Just the most breathtaking view from the deck of the Hotel.
My friends that was sitting around our table. we were also sharing a little seaside house!
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