Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still here......

Well, I have been extremely busy..... very bad blogger, I know..... Please forgive me?
We have had a lot of plan changes over the last few mounths, but we will still be sailing later in this year! We are hard at work to get the other yacht into ship-shape condition...... So that is the main reason for me not blogging everyday.
We are still very much alive and kicking, hard busy home-schooling and going to-and-fro between land-home and water-home!
Houtbay is our main base at the moment with us only touching ground briefly at home for me to do the washing and so on..... The weather is fast changing and we can really feel it on the water. The mornings are nippy and the evenings are also getting cooler!
I will try and make another blog-writing later in this week....... So, until then.... enjoy your day!


Lynette said...

Welcome back...we missed you. Where are you off to later this year?

Marlene said...

Hi thx for reading our blog. Would love if you can add yourselve to our "follow" list. Rgds and hope to see you on this side soon.